Female beauty and War.

I have done so many pieces on the horrors and the ugly side of World War 2 so I decided that today I am going to turn it around a bit. Today the focus will be on celebrating some of the beautiful women who served in WWII in a variety of ways. The picture aboveContinue reading “Female beauty and War.”

The weird case of Violette Morris

Of all stories relating to spies and collaborators during WWII this most be one of the most intriguing ones. When I first read about Violette Morris and saw the date she died,26 April 1944, I assumed she was killed for being a member of the French resistance. Why I thought that I don’t know. BornContinue reading “The weird case of Violette Morris”

The brave words from a Mother to her Daughter.

This story is both heartbreaking and uplifting. Heartbreaking because it is a story about a mother who knew she was going to die. Uplifting because her last words were so positive and courageous, despite the fate that awaited her. Olga Bancic was born on May 10, 1912 to a large Jewish family living in theContinue reading “The brave words from a Mother to her Daughter.”

The Tulle Massacre- The hanging of 99

What a sense of relief it must have been when the French people found out that the allied troops had finally arrived on June 6 1944. Unfortunately though D-Day wasn’t the end of the war it was only the start of the end and many innocent lives were still lost between that day and theContinue reading “The Tulle Massacre- The hanging of 99”

Jacques Cousteau-Oceanic explorer,Naval officer and Resistance fighter.

Before David Attenborough explored the oceans in the Blue Planet, Jacques Cousteau had been doing it for decades and he did much more then that. When it comes to Oceanic exploration he literally wrote the book. The title ” The Silent World” was released this day 65 years ago. As a kid I would beContinue reading “Jacques Cousteau-Oceanic explorer,Naval officer and Resistance fighter.”

Armée Juive-The Jewish Army

Many people have this misconception about the resistance of the Jews against the Nazi regime, many think they just gave up without a fight. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. There were many Jewish partisan groups and resistance fighters across Europe. In this blog I will put the focus on the French Armée Juive,Continue reading “Armée Juive-The Jewish Army”

Chanson d’automne- a coded message

“Chanson d’automne” (“Autumn Song”) is a poem by Paul Verlaine, one of the best known in the French language. It is included in Verlaine’s first collection, Poèmes saturniens, published in 1866 (see 1866 in poetry). The poem forms part of the “Paysages tristes” (“Sad landscapes”) section of the collection.   In World War II linesContinue reading “Chanson d’automne- a coded message”

Two men-One name-Two fates

What’s in a name? Usually not much really but sometimes it can be everything. It can even be the difference of life and death. In this case the name Jean Stephan, both men were members of the French resistance but their lives had completely different outcomes. Jean Stéphan was  a French resistant born October 28,Continue reading “Two men-One name-Two fates”

The tragic life and death of Harry Baur

Harry Baur (12 April 1880 as Henri-Marie Baur in Montrouge, Hauts-de-Seine – 8 April 1943 in Paris) was a French actor.. Thanks to his impressive performance and his melodic voice he became one of the most important French actors of his time. His father died in 1890 when his business was left ruined  after aContinue reading “The tragic life and death of Harry Baur”

Sister Maria Restituta Kafka and Sister Élise Rivet-Defiant WWII Heroes

https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=dirkjohannes%40yahoo%2eie&lc=IE&currency_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donate_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted Sr Maria Restituta Kafka: Born on 1 May 1894 [at Hussowitz bei Bruenn in the Austria-Hungary Empire, today] Brno-Husovice, in modern day Czech Republic, of humble background, Helene Kafka grew up in the Austrian capital where she worked in the Lainz hospital with the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. In 1914 she entered the conventContinue reading “Sister Maria Restituta Kafka and Sister Élise Rivet-Defiant WWII Heroes”