I see more than shoes.

Where some see shoes, I see a father desperately comforting his daughter telling her everything will be fine, where he knows it won’t be fine ever again. Where some see shoes, I see missed opportunities of getting to know the people who wore them. Where some see shoes, I see the sad face of aContinue reading “I see more than shoes.”

Self Isolation

In many countries around the globe people are being advised to self isolate when they have or think they may have symptoms of the Covid 19 infection. The recommended period vary between 7 and 14 days. Many people say this has never happened before.However for many this was a reality due to the virus  createdContinue reading “Self Isolation”

What is the point of killing a 102 year old.

The picture above is taken from a local Dutch newspaper. It is a small article from April 30,1942. Although it is a small notification it gives a wealth of information. The article is about Klara(or Clara) Borstel-Engelsman, born in Amsterdam  the piece announces her 100th birthday and how it is celebrated. It tells us sheContinue reading “What is the point of killing a 102 year old.”

Three Children-Two different realities- One Hate.

There are 2 different pictures in this blog. Both pictures portray children but their reality could not be further apart, yet the were all victim of hate. One because he was murdered because of hate, the others because they were indoctrinated by hate from a very young age. The picture above is of 2 toddlersContinue reading “Three Children-Two different realities- One Hate.”

This is what hate does.

+++++ CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES++++++++ I don’t like posting horrific pictures in relation to the Holocaust, or any other subject for that matter. And I don’t like it for 2 reasons Firstly I find it physically hard to stomach and generally gives me nightmares. Secondly we have come to live in a society where some peopleContinue reading “This is what hate does.”

They were so utterly shocked and frightened, you could do with them what you wanted.

Below is a part of the testimony of Hans Friedrich a member of of the 1st SS Infantry Brigade. His words are shocking. “Try to imagine there is a ditch, with people on one side, and behind them soldiers. That was us and we were shooting. And those who were hit fell down into theContinue reading “They were so utterly shocked and frightened, you could do with them what you wanted.”

There is no place for hate in this world.

You killing me did not stop your hate. Hate is like a disease, a cancer, it eats on you bit by bit , the more you hate the sicker you get. Hate is like a tumout in your head,it drives you insane. Up to the point that you don’t even realize anymore that killing anContinue reading “There is no place for hate in this world.”


The lesson we haven’t learn from the Holocaust is that we are still putting people in groups. One of the reasons why the Nazis were so efficient in killing millions is because they were able to put people in groups. It made it easier for the ‘normal’ citizens to accept the horrors of WWII andContinue reading “Ethnicity-Human.”

All I feel now is pain

At first I felt joy because who could not be joyful seeing those 2 beautiful smiley faces. Then I am amazed because I see you two have the same birthday, April 4, 1932. This is followed by bewilderment because you appear to have different last names. Milan Herrmann and Dagmar Herrmannová. But after a bitContinue reading “All I feel now is pain”

The book of…..

They say that everyone has a book in them. Just imagine the millions of books which were never written because of a regime that deemed millions unworthy of life, leave alone worthy of writing a book. So many potential authors and scholars who never got a chance because of policies based on hate. The bookContinue reading “The book of…..”