Whoever has the youth has the future.

A phrase often used by Hitler was “whoever has the youth has the future” the scary thing about this is that there are elements of truth in that statement. I often come across pictures of young Holocaust victims and each one of them without exception are heartbreaking. For all those kids their future was denied.Continue reading “Whoever has the youth has the future.”

Indifference becomes hate.

They say that money of the root of all evil. It isn’t. Hate is the root of all evil and indifference is the root of all hate. Indifference can turn ordinary but ill informed people into hateful individuals and mobs. Ill informed because they believe what their leaders tell them,without questioning them. I could doContinue reading “Indifference becomes hate.”

The November pogrom-Kristall nacht.

This is not meant to be an accusation because since I didn’t live in those times, I just don’t know how I would have reacted. It is however something that has intrigued me.How come the majority of the Germans and Austrians did not see how wrong the November pogrom was? I can nearly understand whyContinue reading “The November pogrom-Kristall nacht.”

Teaching hate

I was going to put a lot of pictures in this blog, but then when I looked at this picture I thought that it would be enough. A class, class mates and a teacher, like any other class in any other school. Except it isn’t. Here the children are taught to hate. The kids standingContinue reading “Teaching hate”

I am a product of love.

I am a product of love,love between a man and a woman. I am a product of love, by 2 people who would do anything for me. I am a product of love, for anyone who looks into my angelic eyes can’t but love me. I am a product of love to all those aroundContinue reading “I am a product of love.”

Taught to Hate-The Führer as Role model

There are 2 indisputable facts when it comes to the youngest members of society. A child is born with no state of mind, a baby does not know how to hate or how to love, he/she is taught how to do both and is conditioned to the environment he or she grows up in. HeContinue reading “Taught to Hate-The Führer as Role model”

The Gemlich letter-Hitler’s first letter of hate.

Dated 16 September 1919, the ‘Gemlich letter’ is the first known written statement of Hitler’s Antisemitism. It a letter written by Adolf Hitler at the behest of Karl Mayr to Adolf Gemlich, a German army soldier. The letter, written in 1919 in response to a request for clarification on the Jewish question. (Karl Mayr in uniformContinue reading “The Gemlich letter-Hitler’s first letter of hate.”

Arguments for Hate.

The one thing that always intrigued me and puzzled me is how did the Nazis get to hate the Jews en mass. After all the Jews were neighbours and citizens, They never initiated a war against Germany, nor did they conduct any violent acts against the state. And yet Hitler and his cohorts created thisContinue reading “Arguments for Hate.”

Goebbels declaration of hate

Goebbels was more then a Nazi he was pure evil and he dedicated all his life and indeed death to Adolf Hitler. As minister of propaganda he was probably the most powerful of Hitler’s henchmen, with the propaganda tools at his disposal he was able to brainwash and persuade the general population. On November 16Continue reading “Goebbels declaration of hate”

The eyes have it-Expression of hate.

Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels was cheerful and without a care when he first met photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt. In a close-up image the Third Reich politician was caught off guard smiling at the League of Nations meeting in Geneva in September 1933. Alfred Eisenstaedt (1898–1995), the man behind some of the most memorable pictures ofContinue reading “The eyes have it-Expression of hate.”