A happy baby who had to die.

There is nothing more beautiful and rewarding then the smile of a baby. Nothing comes even close to it. When you see a happy baby you cannot help but smile. When you see a happy baby you get a warm feeling and a sense of peace and serenity. The beauty of sound of a laughingContinue reading “A happy baby who had to die.”

How evil must you be to consider a baby an enemy.

I took a break for a few days in writing about the Holocaust, basically it was getting a bit too much for me and I needed a break. However I do realize that if I stop writing about the Holocaust it means one less person to tell the stories and opportunity to keep that historyContinue reading “How evil must you be to consider a baby an enemy.”

The Smile of an Angel

The Smile of an Angel has the power to warm your heart. It gives comfort to a weary soul. The Smile of an Angel makes you want to become a better person, the manifestation of the best version of you. The Smile of an Angel spreads joy ans and love. Then why did the TheContinue reading “The Smile of an Angel”

My smile will last forever.

My smile will last forever. Your hate will disappear. My smile only brings joy. Your hate brings nothing but fear. My smile warms people’s hearts. Your hate brings nothing. My smile is pure Your hate is filth. My smile is that of an Angel. Your hate is pure evil. Your hate killed me ,Eva Bruszt,Continue reading “My smile will last forever.”

Where some see a ring, I see a tragedy.

Some pieces of jewelry are bought in the spur of the moment. Often an impulsive buy, a pair of earrings for your wife because you think they look nice or a necklace for your girlfriend because although it may not be expensive it is still something nice for her to have. But buying a ringContinue reading “Where some see a ring, I see a tragedy.”

I don’t want to die because I have hardly lived

This is going to be a short blog for it is impossible for me to do an in depth story without turning into an emotional wreck. Eva Heyman was a 13 year old Hungarian Jewish girl. I have a daughter the same age, with the same beautiful smile. Eva had one simple wish ,which sheContinue reading “I don’t want to die because I have hardly lived”

The Battle of Berne

This is one of those forgotten battles you don’t hear about in history classes. It was a battle between Hungary and Brazil. But as you can guess from the picture above it wasn’t a battle during any war but fought on a football pitch during the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland. The score was 43-3Continue reading “The Battle of Berne”

Ernest Erbstein-Holocaust survivor who died a tragic death.

Now that the World Cup Football is well on its way in Russia, it is a good opportunity at one of the sport’s legends. Ernest Erbstein, aka Ernest Egri-Erbstein was a Jewish-Hungarian football player and  He was involved in  football as a player and coach in several countries,  but he was most noted for hisContinue reading “Ernest Erbstein-Holocaust survivor who died a tragic death.”

Laszlo Csatary- Sometimes it looks like the evil seem to live forever.

I am always surprised how so many evil men live to an old age. The crimes they committed don’t seem to affect them in the slightest. But yet so many fled after the war, indicating they knew they had done wrong. For innocent people don’t run away. Laszlo Csatary,  While serving as a senior policeContinue reading “Laszlo Csatary- Sometimes it looks like the evil seem to live forever.”

The execution of Ferenc Szalasi

Ferenc Szálasi was the leader and all-powerful head of the fascist Arrow Cross movement, the regime that came to power in Hungary with the armed assistance of the Nazi Germany on October 15-16, 1944. After that date, the fate of hundreds of thousands of Jews was in his hands. During his brief rule, Szálasi’s menContinue reading “The execution of Ferenc Szalasi”