Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr would have turned 89 today if it hadn’t been for that fateful day in Memphis on April 4, 1968. King’s legal name at birth was Michael King, and his father was also born Michael King, but the elder King changed his and his son’s names. The King family had several tragediesContinue reading “Martin Luther King Jr.”

Songs that made a difference.

To quote John Miles”Music was my first love and it will be my last”. Music is my passion, its power has no equal. A good song can make you happy, sad or angry, a great song will make you think. There are songs that made a difference and made people think. Unfortunately nowadays artists onlyContinue reading “Songs that made a difference.”


The persecution of the Jews began systematically almost as soon as Hitler came to power. The Nazis established many new anti-Jewish laws. These were introduced slowly at first, so that the civilian population would not realise the extent of the Nazi party’s anti-Semitism. Below is a chart showing a small selection of the 2,000 Nazi anti-JewishContinue reading “THE GRADUAL DEHUMANIZING BY THE NAZI REGIME-Part 2”

Taught to Hate-KKK Kids

The Ku Klux Klan has survived for more than 150 years. Its ideology of hatred and white supremacy continued to keep attracting new members through the Holocaust, the civil rights movement, and on past the election of America’s first black president. It seems unbelievable that hatred could live on for that long, that anyone inContinue reading “Taught to Hate-KKK Kids”

A child is born with no state of mind Blind to the ways of mankind.

  Don’t worry I haven’t suddenly become a Hip Hop artist. although the title of this blog does come from a classic Hip Ho[ track. called “the Message” by Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, but it is a powerful line and oh so true. Children don’t see the color of a skin or aContinue reading “A child is born with no state of mind Blind to the ways of mankind.”

The Sleepy Lagoon murder case

What began as a neighborhood party during the summer of 1942 led to the largest mass murder trial in California’s history. After young Jose Diaz was found murdered near Los Angeles’ Sleepy Lagoon reservoir, 600 Mexican Americans were rounded up by the police, 24 were indicted, and 17 were convicted. But thanks to the effortsContinue reading “The Sleepy Lagoon murder case”

The Court martial of Jackie Robinson.

Jack Roosevelt Robinson (January 31, 1919 – October 24, 1972) was an American professional baseball second baseman who became the first African American to play in Major League Baseball (MLB) in the modern era.Robinson broke the baseball color line when the Brooklyn Dodgers started him at first base on April 15, 1947. The Dodgers, by signing Robinson, heralded the end of racial segregation in professional baseball that had relegated black players toContinue reading “The Court martial of Jackie Robinson.”

The Battle of Bamber Bridge

The Battle of Bamber Bridge was an outbreak of racial violence and mutiny that began in the evening of 24 June 1943 among American servicemen stationed in the British village of Bamber Bridge, Lancashire. Coming just days after the 1943 Detroit race riot. The incident was sparked by the attempted arrest by white Military PoliceContinue reading “The Battle of Bamber Bridge”

The gradual dehumanizing by the Nazi regime.

The Holocaust was a gradual process. The Nazis didn’t start mass extermination when they got into power. But gradually prepared the population by dehumanizing the Jewish people. Segregation, as shown in the photo above, was part of this. The point was not to provide a bench for Jews, it was to segregate the benches soContinue reading “The gradual dehumanizing by the Nazi regime.”

The Nazi Race doctrine

The three groups displayed on the poster are, from top to bottom, “ostbaltische Rasse” (“East Baltic race”), “ostische Rasse” (“Alpine race”), and “dinarische Rasse” (“Dinaric race”). All these three groups were considered part of the sub-races of the Caucasian race, others including the Nordic and Mediterranean. The Nazis went to great lengths in teaching theContinue reading “The Nazi Race doctrine”