Love is stronger then the fear of death.

I probably could do a whole essay on how Guus van der Wijk and Mina de Vries met, and at some stage I probably will, but for now it suffices to say they were extremely brave people, in fact in my eyes they are heroes. Despite the knowledge that there was a great chance theyContinue reading “Love is stronger then the fear of death.”

The time Michael Jackson became Elvis’s son in law.

This is something that had slipped my mind but on this day in 1994, Michael Jackson married Lisa-Marie Presley. They first met nearly 2 decades before they got married.He was introduced to her when he was 16 ans she was the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Paradise, Nevada by her Elvis. Elvis headContinue reading “The time Michael Jackson became Elvis’s son in law.”

Holocaust Wedding

Elisabeth Appelboom and Philip Flesschedrager did what so many young people of their age did, they fell in love, got married and promised to stay together until death did them part. For most married couples it is a journey they enjoy for many years to come. But not for Elisabeth and Philip. because death didContinue reading “Holocaust Wedding”

I pronounce you POTUS and first lady.

I have to admit that the title isn’t technically correct, since at the time they were not yet a President of the US and their first wives.(with the exception of President Cleveland)But if I would have called it I pronounce you husband and wife people would not think this blog would contain wedding pictures ofContinue reading “I pronounce you POTUS and first lady.”