Love in the Holocaust

I am always amazed and in awe of people, who despite awful conditions and a very uncertain and bleak future, were still determined to not let that destroy their love for each other. Although they knew the marriage probably wouldn’t last long they still decided to get married.

The picture is a wedding picture of Leendert Vischschraper and Mietje Zendijk. They got married on 12 August 1942 in Amsterdam.

Leendert was murdered in Auschwitz on May31,1944. Mietje was murdered in Bergen Belsen on March 15,1945.

The above picture was taken on the 7th of June 1942. I don’t know who the married couple are, or what their fate was , but more then likely they were also murdered. It could be a weeding picture of Abraham (Jim) de Zwarte and Roza Wertheim, but I am not sure.

Salomon Schrijver married Flora Mendels on 16 April 1942 in Amsterdam. Salomon and Flora deported to Sobibor and murdered on July 9th, 1943.

Abraham (Jim) de Zwarte married Roza Wertheim on 7 June 1942 in the New Synagogue in Amsterdam. A film was made of their wedding , which now is in the Jewish Historical Museum.

The day started in Amsterdam South, in the Waverstraat, where the groom and his family leave for the Transvaalkade in East and then to the Retiefstraat (East). Here, in Jim’s house, the bride is picked up. The wedding will be held in the New Synagogue on Jonas Daniel Meijerplein. A title card with the text ‘star parade’ refers to the obligatory wearing of the Star of David when leaving the synagogue (since 1 May 1942).

Fur worker Abraham aka Jim de Zwarte was born on 13-10-1916 in Amsterdam and murdered in Auschwitz on 28-2-1943, at the age of 26. Seamstress Rosa (or Roza) de Zwarte-Wertheim was born on 13-3-1920 in Amsterdam and murdered in Auschwitz on 15-12-1942, at the age of 22, six months after her marriage.

Below is the link of the film of the wedding day.

These were just a few of those brave people, defying hate to seal their love.



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