Unusual WWII Facts, Part 13


This image was taken in London at the start of WWII.That is how big the fear was in Great Britain of a gas attack. The pram is supposed to be gas proof and the mother is wearing a gas mask.


Two guards of Buchenwald concentration camp who were beaten up by prisoners after the liberation of the camp.


A few months before the war broke out , on the 23rd of July 1939, Gandhi wrote the above letter to Adolf Hitler, appealing to his better nature. We all know now he had no better nature.


Even though he had no better nature there were a few rare occasions where he displayed some sort of humanity.  In this image Hitler is seen comforting a woman at her husband’s funeral.


Two Tuskegee Airmen with some Easter presents for Hitler on Easter if 1945. Given the fact Easter fell on April 1st that year the present were fitting.


An American soldier replaces an “Adolph Hitler St.” sign with “Roosevelt Bvld.” sign in Berlin, Germany, 1945.

Air Force Celebrates Women's History Month

These four female pilots leaving their ship at the four engine school at Lockbourne are members of a group of WASPS who have been trained to ferry the B-17 Flying Fortresses.


A Muslim woman protects a Jewish woman by covering her Star of David with her veil.


Dutch girls escorting American soldiers to a dance. This picture is often incorrectly placed on sites and pages relating to the 5th of May Liberation day of the Netherlands. The picture was actually taken in September 1944. The girls were orphans who were cared for by nuns in a convent near Kasteel Hoensbroek(Castle Hoensbroek) which is the province of Limburg in the south East of the country, which was liberated in September 1944.



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