Has Mark Zuckerberg become a chief facilitator of Holocaust Denial?

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Have Mark Zuckerberg and his company Facebook become the chief facilitators of Holocaust denial ?

The reason why I pose this question is because my Facebook account has been disabled several times, in fact I can’t even open up a new one, additionally many Holocaust educators I am friends with have also had their accounts either restricted, blocked or disabled. After I did some research into the possible reasons why I came to the conclusion that there was one common denominator, we all posted articles or blogs on the Holocaust for education purposes.

There was one other denominator which was that we all have been threatened by Holocaust revisionist with legal action.

The question of ‘Has Mark Zuckerberg become a chief facilitator of Holocaust denial?’ is a valid one, despite Mr Zuckerberg’s Jewish background.





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Not Just Numbers

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The approximate number of Jews murdered in the Holocaust by nation .

Poland 3,000.000; Ukraine 900,000;Hungary 450,000; Russia 352,000;Romania 300;000;BaltIc countries 228,000;Germany/Austria 210,000;the Netherlands 105,000;France 92,000;Slovakia 75,000; Greece 54,000;Belgium 40,000;Yugoslavia 26,000;Bulgaria 14,000 ;Italy 8,000,Luxembourg 1,000;Norway 900. Total 5,907,900.

These numbers are just estimates. I believe the number is actually higher, because not all suicides are included n this number nor are all the numbers of those who died during the transport.

However when I saw these numbers I had 2 questions. My first question was “How come there are no numbers for the Danish Jews?” The Danes had been very successful in saving their Jewish neighbours. Many of then were enabled to escape to Sweden with help from their Danish neighbours .Like 19 year old Henny Sinding who used hos boat ‘Geda III’ to smuggle Jews from Denmark to Sweden.

This is not to say that no Danish Jews died…

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Happily ever now- My interview with Sandra Mae Lux

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Music suits the savage beast and when you have a very talented and skillful musician playing great music it can really lift your heart.

This is my interview with Sandra Mae Lux about her album Happily ever now.

Enjoy, there is a nice Christmas treat at the end.

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Lets keep things in perspective

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I don’t like doing political blogs or even semi political ones but I felt compelled to do this one,because the whole debate on confederate statues has been blown completely out of perspective.

Frankly it actually sickens me to the core that the debate has gone in to comparison with the Holocaust. The line I hear being brandished around the last few days is “There are no statues of Hitler in Germany.”

Comparing the American civil war and specifically the confederate side of it to the Holocaust, does not validate the anti slavery debate but it diminishes the horrors committed by the Nazi regime.

So let’s get a bit of historical perspective on it.

True, there are no statues of Hitler in Germany but his birthplace in Austria has a monument in front of it.


Although the monument is anti Fascist it is still a place for Neo Nazis to remember…

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Nazi Propaganda in Europe

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The Nazi had a well oiled propaganda machine which was very effective,not only to sell their warped ideology but also when it came to recruiting for the SS and other branches of the army.

They also had a very effective propaganda program outside Germany. The picture above is a Dutch SS recruit poster saying “For your honor and conscience Up! against the Bolshevism” The Waffen SS calls you”

Recruitment posters for the Norwegian SS, unfortunately I don’t speak Norwegian, but I believe the posters are self explanatory.

NorwayNorway ski.JPG

Belgium also had propaganda posters.””All the Flemish in SS troops! Our answer: weapons in the hands!”


Like in the Dutch poster the emphasis on the Walloon(French speaking) Belgian posters was put on fighting Bolshevism. In fact they called it a crusade.


In France the German army was portrayed as a liberating army, and not a occupying force. This poster says “Abandoned people, trust…

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What if?.. The rockers that may have never been. A story of Kiss.

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I am passionate about Music, especially Rock. One of my favourite bands is Kiss. When we hear one of their songs on the radio, songs like “I was made for loving you” or “World without heroes” we just sit back and enjoy and don’t give it a seconc thought.

However these songs and so many of their other classics , may have never been written or composed. The two lead men of Kiss Gene Simmons(aka Gene Klein and Chaim Witz) and Paul Stanley (aka Stanley Bert Eisen) are both lucky they were born.

Paul’s both parents are Jewish. He was the second of two children. His mother came from a family that fled Nazi Germany to Amsterdam, Netherlands, and then to New York City. His father’s parents were from Poland.

His mother was born in Berlin, Germany on November 16, 1923. and fled the Nazi uprising she lived for a…

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How many survived?

History of Sorts

When you look at the picture above you can see a few boys having fun. You could ask yourself” Who are these boys?” or “What game are they playing?!

I don’t know who these boys are. I do know though that they were cared for by the BjZ or Buitenschoolse Jeugdzorg, which was a part of the Jewish council in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Buitenschoolse Jeugdzorg cared for Jewish children after school, The activities would include arts and crafts, music,dancing and sports and a few other activities.

The Jewish council was set up after some fights provoked by Dutch nazis broke out beween the Nazis and Jewish men in late January 1941. Hans Böhmcker who was an assistant to the Reich Commissioner for the Netherlands Arthur Seyß-Inquart. ordered the Jewish council to be set up and he made the council responsible to maintain peace and order in the Jewish quarter…

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Auschwitz experiences.

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No one of us can ever imagine how it felt to be in Auschwitz. Except for those who survived it.

Below are just some quotes from survivors

Silvia Vesela -Slovak Jewish  Auschwitz Survivor

“It’s a really humiliating feeling when your personality is being taken away. I don’t know whether you can understand it. You suddenly mean nothing. We were treated like animals.”

Dario Gabbai-Auschwitz Sonderkommando

“When they opened the door…I see these people that half an hour before were going into the gas chamber, I see them all standing up, some black and blue from the gas. No place where to go. Dead. If I see my eyes, the only thing I see is standing up, women with children in their hands.”

“Could you imagine what was done with the children and the families? They didn’t know what to do, scratching the walls, crying, you know, and everything else. They…

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Arthur Nebe

History of Sorts

Arthur Nebe

The last few days I have seen articles about the German government commemorating those who were involved in the  20th July 1944 assassination plot.

In a way I can understand it why they are doing this, but having that said I don’t agree with it.

Yes it is true these men planned to kill Hitler but not because they didn’t believe in his policies, because all of them had signed up to Nazi ideology one way or another. They wanted to kill them because they didn’t agree with the way he was conducting the war and the consequences of that.

Some of them had actively and willingly participated in the killing of innocent lives..

None more so then Arthur Nebe. he was a key figure in the security and police apparatus of Nazi Germany and a Holocaust perpetrator.He  was  given command of Einsatzgruppen B between June and November 1941, an extermination…

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I miss you.

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I miss you , even though I don’t know you and we’ve never met.

I miss you ,because you could have been the composer who composed my favourite piece of music.

I miss you, because you could have been the poet who wrote my favourite poem

I miss you ,because you could have been the painter who painted my favouite painting.

I miss you, because you could have been the author who wrote my favourite book.

I miss you, because you could have been the comedian who maked me laugh the most.

I miss you, because you could have been the director of my favourite movie.

I miss you, because you could have been the teacher who taught me right from wrong.

I miss you, because you could have been the chef whose recipes I like the most.

To me it doesn’t matter if you’re Jewish,Catholic,Protestant,Muslim,Buddhist or Atheist. All that…

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