Compassion During WW2

Even amidst the Horrors of WWII there was still some time for compassion.

A wounded Australian soldier being helped by a local during World War II. (Papua New Guinea, 1942)



A Ukrainian woman, giving water to a captured Soviet soldier. (Ukraine, 1941)


A soldier sharing his food and water with children. (Saipan, 1944)


American soldiers, treating a wounded dog during World War II. (Guam, 1944)


A Dutch woman entering military captivity with her husband, a German soldier, 1944


American soldiers at the village fountain talking with a young woman, two children watch the scene in Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, Normandy.


Soviet soldier in the liberated village, 1941


A Muslim woman protects a Jewish woman by covering her Star of David with her veil.


Dutch girls escorting American soldiers to a dance.


German soldier giving bread to an orphaned Russian boy, 1942


2 thoughts on “Compassion During WW2

  1. I appreciate your posts a great deal and have learned a great deal from them. I would very much like to share some of these photos with my students, but I hesitate to do so without any additional information about their source. Can you provide sources for these photos so that they can be authenticated apropos their stated content?


    • Hi Daniel, I am glad you like my posts. The photos are all freely available on the net, I use several resources for them. For this article I used websites like , and but also wikipedia.


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