Compassion During WW2

Even amidst the Horrors of WWII there was still some time for compassion.

A wounded Australian soldier being helped by a local during World War II. (Papua New Guinea, 1942)



A Ukrainian woman, giving water to a captured Soviet soldier. (Ukraine, 1941)


A soldier sharing his food and water with children. (Saipan, 1944)


American soldiers, treating a wounded dog during World War II. (Guam, 1944)


A Dutch woman entering military captivity with her husband, a German soldier, 1944


American soldiers at the village fountain talking with a young woman, two children watch the scene in Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, Normandy.


Soviet soldier in the liberated village, 1941


A Muslim woman protects a Jewish woman by covering her Star of David with her veil.


Dutch girls escorting American soldiers to a dance.


German soldier giving bread to an orphaned Russian boy, 1942



  1. I appreciate your posts a great deal and have learned a great deal from them. I would very much like to share some of these photos with my students, but I hesitate to do so without any additional information about their source. Can you provide sources for these photos so that they can be authenticated apropos their stated content?


    1. Hi Daniel, I am glad you like my posts. The photos are all freely available on the net, I use several resources for them. For this article I used websites like , and but also wikipedia.


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