Romance During WWII-Part 2

soldier-kissing-woman-goodbye (1)

Amidst all the fighting and drama there was still some space for romance during WWII, at the end of the day it is a fact that love conquers all.

Women wave goodbye to troops, as they march off to WWII. England. 1939.


A couple in New York’s Penn Station share a farewell kiss in 1943 before he ships off to war during WWII.


A soldier’s girl kisses the boy goodbye in a 34th Street bus terminal, while another soldier cooperates by holding her up to reach him. New York. 1941.


Soldier consoles his weeping wife in 1944 as he says goodbye at Pennsylvania Station before returning to duty after brief furlough during WWII


At London’s King’s Cross station, a serviceman leans out of a train window to kiss his lover goodbye at the end of a period of leave. 1944.


A man, his girl, and his dog stage a poignant farewell scene in Washington. 1942.


Girls board a truck to go to a last dance with American soldiers. Location and date unspecified


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