The Eighties

History of Sorts

The decade probably best described as the ‘Paradox Decade’ Why? I hear you ask.Allow me to elaborate.

It was the decade that gave us great music like New Wave,New Romantics, the New wave of British heavy metal,bands like the Cure,Duran Duran,Iron Maiden and even Bon Jovi (before they went all Country and Western)to name but a few.

However in tandem it is also the decade where the demise of the music started with the numerous Stock Aitken and Waterman acts.

It was the decade where testosterone fueled Rock anthems were played by men who looked like women.

Who could forget the drama that had as all glued to the TV to find out who shot one of America’s biggest oil tycoons on that ranch Southfork, just outside of Dallas. The Ewings hit by more then one tragedy. Bobby Ewing who had disappeared for god knows how long just to appear…

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