The lighter side of WWII


Although WWII was without a doubt the darkest era in world history, it wasn’t always death and destruction.

There were a few lighter moments during the war, below are some pictures of those times and events.

Woman looks after a baby elephant in her back yard during WWII


There is always time for a song


I have heard of a monkey o your back, but a donkey is new to me.




An American soldier gives a drink of water to a wounded German prisoner lying on a stretcher somewhere in the Normandy, on June 19, 1944.


A wedding is performed in a bombed church in London during World War 2.


A policeman makes sure young evacuees are on the correct train out of London for evacuation, 1940


9th Armored Division technician Alvin Harley with a little French girl on Valentine’s Day, 14 Feb 1945


Even Queen Elizabeth II did her bit, as a mechanic of military vehicles



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