The lesser dark days of WWII


Without a shadow of a doubt World War II was the darkest and most devastating era in history of mankind. But even in those dark days there was still some time for a bit of humour.

The picture above is a letter addressed to Adolf Hitler, it’s basically saying what the author thinks about Hitler. It was written by a US soldier, unfortunately I don’t have a name(thanks to Norman Stone for sending it to me)

The two men in this photograph are Technical Sergeant William E. Thomas and Private First Class Joseph Jackson of the 333rd Field Artillery Battalion, but at the time of the photograph were part of the 969th Artillery Battalion. Scrawling such messages on artillery shells in World War II was one way in which artillery soldiers could humorously express their dislike of the enemy.


The short-barreled version of the Thompson was Winston’s personal favorite weapon of all time. He looks like a gangster from an old Hollywood movie. This photo was taken during in during an inspection of invasion defenses near Hartlepool, on July 21, 1940.

Winston Churchill with a Tommy Gun during an inspection near Harlepool, 1940

Soldiers of the British, American and Russian armies mimic and mock Adolf Hitler and his ideas on Hitler’s famous balcony at the Chancellery in conquered Berlin.



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