The new Neo fascists


Usually I don’t do political or non historical blogs but because I am being attacked on a personal level I feel compelled to write a blog.

I reallize that New and Neo mean the same thing but I could not find a better way to describe this.

The new neo fascists are not the one who shave their heads or do the Hitler salute. No they are more dangerous for the Neo Fascists are easy to identify.

However these New Neo Fascists hide in social media, often being active in groups that claim to honor the men and women who sacrifice their lives to fight Fascism

These New Neo Fascists aim to silence anyone who does not comply to their sense of righteousness, not because they tell a different story but because they are more successful relaying their stories.

The New Neo Fascists will go to every length to get good willing people banned from social media platforms. Good willing people who took the task upon their shoulders to tell the stories of millions who are forgotten.

Why do these New Neo Fascists want to silence the good willing, I don’t know but I can only guess that is because they think they know more because of their academic back ground or maybe just out of spite.

I have been accused of things but they don’t want to tell what the exact details are of the accusation or who my accusers are. The one example they could give I could explain and dispute, it was even a very vague accusation, When I asked to hear the other accusations they denied to give the details hence the opportunity to explain or defend myself.

They were judge,jury and executioner.

All of this stems from one person with a vindictive attitude, but the scary thing is she is being listened to not realizing the damage she is causing.

Fascism in its ugliest form, the secret hidden one


  1. Bev says:

    Not just for the sake of remembering the Holocaust in order to stop it from ever happening again, but for the sake of free speech; do not allow any one group or any one individual to stop what you are doing. There are people like me who read your posts and who show them to others. My son said that your stories of the children made the Holocaust seem more personal and much sadder. He is not particularly a history buff, so that means you are touching people. People who;; while aware of the Holocaust from schoolwork; have really never thought about it. Also, you are more than just a Holocaust writer. Your BLOG, or what ever you call it. Has brought to light, stories of what life and war was like throughout Europe prior to, during , and after WWII. For every person trying to attack your work, remember there is another person reading it with interest. I may not always agree with them, but I always find them factual and interesting.

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