Smoking, drinking and having kids parties, whilst flying.

History of Sorts

flying_first_class_1960s (14)

Nowadays flying can be quite stressful, there are just so many safety regulations one had to adhere to it really takes the fun out of air travel.

Even before you get on board you are interrogated, nearly stripped naked, forced to drink your bottle of liquid asap or dispose of it, and that is only the checking in part.

However flying wasn’t always this stressful and especially when you were flying first class, the sky was literally the limit.Once on board, the average passenger, even in economy, had plenty of legroom. In fact, business class today is spatially very similar to what economy used to be like. Once aboard, all service was complimentary. And because the stewardess-to-passenger ratio was so much higher back then than it is today, you could expect one to nearly instantly cater your every (non-salacious) need.

Here are just some reminders of flying first class 1960’s…

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