WWII Christmas Dinner

History of Sorts


When we think of Christmas dinner now, we think of indulgence a non stop culinary feast, an abundance of food and drink.

During WWII however, it was anything but that. In most occupied countries people were trying to survive on very little food. In the US, UK and Canada food was rationed.Rationing was introduced in stages during the war, and it was one of the most concrete ways  life on the home front was impacted, Stamps and coupons were distributed to the homes as the means of rationing.

But people were innovative and still enjoyed Christmas meals during WWII albeit in a different configuration, even on the battlefield.

It could be argued that those Christmas dinners were better, not because of the quality but because they were real treats and would be appreciated more.

Below is just an example of a WWII Christmas recipe, try it out some day.


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