The unsolved murder of Gretha Melaard

History of Sorts


I was doing some research on the days before the Germans invaded the Netherlands, and  I came across a news paper article of the murder of Gretha Melaard.


Gretha Melaard was a 26 year old student nurse who was killed on May 3rd 1940.She had left Rotterdam at 8.30 pm to go to work in Delft on her bicycle, on Friday May 3rd. She never arrived at work, she was found beaten to death.Her body was found the following day Saturday 4th of May 1940,by some laborers who were passing by on the A13 motorway between Delft and Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Vind plaats

Her bicycle was found a few day later on May 8th, just a few kilometers down the road, by a group of soldiers.


Initially the Police had envisaged it would be an easy crime to solve because they had found a leave pass belonging to a soldier, next to her…

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