Auschwitz Greenhouses

History of Sorts


A mistake many people make is to think that Auschwitz was only 1 camp.Aside from Auschwitz ,Auschwitz Birkenau and Monowitz which were the 3 biggest camps, there were another 40+ camps.

One of these camps was Rajsko (Gärtnerei, which means Horticultural center or nursery). It was officially established on 12th June 1943. The camp was a 10 minutes walk from the main camp, an estimated 300 women worked and lived there.

A number of female prisoners were selected for their experience and qualifications in agronomy.  They were designated “Kommando Pflanzenzucht” meaning Commando growing plants.

These women were very important and vital to the project,  they were sent from Ravensbrück concentration camp, just north of Berlin.

The flowers produced in Rajsko were distributed  all over Germany. And  became very popular and achieved  a reputation for the quality and longevity.


The women   were forced to work in the nurseries tending flowers, plants and vegetables…

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