Hitler’s hate for smoking but not so much for its revenue.

History of Sorts


Something that always fascinated(for lack of a better word) me about Hitler is the double standards he applied. As the leader of his country he always portrayed himself as some one with principles, but yet he so easily broke those principles time and time again.

Hitler hated smoking, he had been a smoker himself but had stopped at a young age. In 1939, German scientists were the first to identify the link between smoking and lung cancer in the first epidemiological study. After those findings Germany initiated a strong anti-tobacco movement.

The campaign announced that  cigarettes were “enemy of the people” it included posters, lectures, psychological counselling, nicotine gums.


As well as methods to make the  cigarettes less tasteful by injecting chemicals into the cigarettes.Smoking had become Non aryan.

However due to the addictive nature of smoking cigarettes it created one thing that the Nazis just couldn’t ignore, revenue ie money.

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