The trans-Saharan railway

History of Sorts


The phrase “From hero to zero” is probably the most appropriate way to describe Philippe Pétain.

Pétain was after World War I regarded ,without a doubt, the most accomplished defensive tactician of any army and one of France’s greatest military heroes and was presented with his baton of Marshal of France at a public ceremony at Metz by President Raymond Poincaré on 8 December 1918.


However after the Nazi occupied France in June 1940 he was very eager to please his new lords. He would be their puppet and they would pull his strings. If they told him to jump, he would ask “How high?” If they ordered him to deport Jews he would say “How many?”. He and his Vichy regime would serve their Nazi masters any which way they could.

France had always been a colonial power therefore there would be many French Jewish citizens living and working …

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