Eva Braun as Al Jolson

History of Sorts

Eva Jolson

Eva Braun is a bit of enigma. I do think that she was fully aware of what Hitler and his cronies were up to. She did first meet Hitler when she was still a teenager and would have been in awe of the man, but she did become his partner and later his wife, albeit for less then 40 hours, and there is no way she did not know what was happening as a result of the hatred Hitler had for the Jewish people.

However in 1937 a picture was taken of her imitating Al Jolson, the picture was found in an album by US troops, the text with the photograph said “Me as Al Jolson”. It is known that she had been a fan of the first feature length talkie movie,”the Jazz singer” starring Al Jolson.


The creepy picture of Al Jolson is weird enough but taking in consideration…

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