Three Children-Two different realities- One Hate.

History of Sorts


There are 2 different pictures in this blog. Both pictures portray children but their reality could not be further apart, yet the were all victim of hate. One because he was murdered because of hate, the others because they were indoctrinated by hate from a very young age.

The picture above is of 2 toddlers dressed in Nazi uniforms. They were taught to hate, the choice to love was taken away from them.

The picture below is of Henri Markus a young Jewish boy born in Paris. He was killed in Auschwitz on August 17, 1942 aged 8.

Henri Matkus

It is always the children who suffer most.

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  1. Wow. What’s scary is that early hate stays with them. I recall a story told me by a couple of my fellow MPs were in civilian clothes, but let’s be honest about it. An American still ticks out like a flare at midnight.. They were in a gasthaus drinking a beer and were approached by a middle aged German gentleman. He began berating them, and telling them that they should have burned Jews off the face of the Earth and so on (one of my friends was Jewish and I have to admire his restraint for not filing the guy under D for decesased).

    The Polizi came in a took the old man away.


    1. dirkdeklein says:

      If you ever watch documentaries on those who were close to Hitler, I mean even housekeeping staff, none of them have remorse and still try to portray him as some sort of hero.

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