A Yellow star.

You are told to wear a yellow star. It is a badge to indicate that you are an enemy of the people.

Enemy of what people though?

Sometimes it says the word Jude other times it says Jood or Juif. In Yugoslavia you are told to wear a yellow armband with black “Z”, an abbreviations for the Serbo-Croatian word for “Jew”. as do the words Jude,Juif and Jude mean.

In other places there are variations of this badge but thy all are meant to do one thing and that is to single you out as an enemy. But we all know it is only meant to single you as a target, someone to blame for failures of others or themselves. However it is so much easier to blame others. it is a lazy way.

I want to give you another badge, It is a virtual one with the letter H which stands for Human Being, because that is who you really are a Human Being just like me.

And if they murder you they also kill a bit of humanity therefor also a bit of me.


I believe it is very important to keep history alive, but unfortunately that is not free. However I will not ask to pay for subscription , but if you want to donate it is very much appreciated, but only of you can.



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