The murdered Children

History of Sorts


In every war innocent children are killed this is called “Collateral damage” , I hate this description because it is young human lives that are destroyed and not just material things. The unfortunate fact though is that this is still a reality in many countries nowadays.

Bad as this is during ,WWII children were being killed not only because of bombings but because they were part of ethnic minorities who were deemed not to be human, no other reason then that, because of the sick twisted ideologies of some truly evil people these children were savagely murdered. Below are a few stories of some of those children.


Born: July 18, 1936, Liege, Belgium


Zigmond’s parents were Czechoslovakian Jews who had emigrated to Belgium. His mother, Rivka, was a shirtmaker. She had come to Belgium as a young woman to find a steady job, following her older brother, Jermie…

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