The fake Typhus epidemic

History of Sorts


War can bring out the worst in people but also the best. The latter applies to Dr .Eugene Lazowski, who saved thousands of Jews from certain extermination and did this in a very creative manner.

Eugene Lazowski born Eugeniusz Sławomir Łazowski (1913, Częstochowa, Poland – December 16, 2006, Eugene, Oregon, United States}In a time when innocent people were brutally murdered only for their nationality and religion, one soldier stands out among the rest.He defied the Germans, repeatedly risking his life to save the lives of thousands. Dr. Eugene Lazowski is considered a hero to many, but for him, saving others was his only option—it was simply the right thing to do.

Lazowski provided medical care for his Jewish neighbors in Rozwadow.  The area had devised a system where if a Jewish resident needed medical assistance they would hang a rag on Lazowski’s fence and then Lazowski would make a house-call to their…

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