silent napalm (a photograph)


I don’t know anything about photography.

I was intentionally trying out new shots for filming this week but what I did not intend was for this moment to be captured. My phone is in my hand and I had just received an email. I am reading something upsetting. Moments later, I cry.

I am getting comfortable with filters and I know this should be cropped but I have a hard time understanding ratios versus image distortion. I know some of you dabble in photography, some of you are even professionals (I am fortunate as to be connected to so many talented people) and if you are inclined to impart with some advice by way of comments or email, please do.

I thank you for your consideration. And of course, as always, I am open to feedback in general.

Cheers, Christina

silent napalm (a poem)

a moment in
silent napalm

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