Evil Women

History of Sorts


It wasn’t only men who committed heinous crimes in the concentration camps . There were many women who participated in torture and murder and often they enjoyed it. Some of the women were more evil then their male counterparts.

Below are some of the lesser known female guards and supervisors

Carmen Mory


The Black Angel of Ravensbrück.

At the age of 26 years, Carmen Maria Bischoff Mory left Switzerland and went to Berlin, in order to work as a journalist. She was impressed by the National Socialist ideology and became a Gestapo agent in 1934, for whom she spied on German emigrants in Paris. In 1938, she was arrested for espionage, was condemned to death and in 1940, pardoned by the French President. Back in Germany, she became active again for the Gestapo; but was accused of being a double agent and was sent to Nazi camp in Ravensbrück.  As a prisoner, she quickly rose through the…

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