Albert Speer:the Liar who was believed.

History of Sorts


Albert Speer must have been one of the biggest cowards of the Third Reich. He refused to take responsibility for his actions and kept claiming he wasn’t aware of the Holocaust although he was instrumental in getting the concentration camps build, and he kept the war machine going.

Albert Speer is said to have prolonged the war for at least a year, with the consequent death of hundreds of thousands and widespread ruin. It also gave the Nazis more time to pursue their mass murder of Jews, Russians, Gypsies and others deemed not fit to live.

It was Speer who fueled Hitler’s delusional plans to turn Berlin in to the Capital of the world and rename it Germania.

He claimed to have been unaware of the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime. However, he used slave laborers from the occupied territories and concentration camps in the armament factories, the conditions…

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