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Auschwitz_I_Entrance (1)

Today marks the 76th anniversary of one of the most appalling days of modern history. 76 years ago the first prisoners arrive at a new concentration camp called Auschwitz.

So much has already been written about Auschwitz therefore rather then writing something which won’t add any value I will post some pictures for a picture paints a thousand words. The pictures will be from the 3 main camps.

Auschwitz 1

Victims and belongings

Auschwitz Birkenau

The horrors

Auschwitz 3 Monowitz


The victims

There are a great number of horrific pictures of the gas chambers and the victims but I think there are none as harrowing as the pictures below. Although they are not graphic, they do show how the victims suffered. They are pictures of scratch marks of inside the gas chambers.


scatches 2

No comment needed



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  1. Dear Dirk
    Thank you very much for your tremendous work! I believe more then ever we have to remember what happened and teach it to our children. The more and more I read the more I get terrified by seeing what humans can do to other humans.
    Please forgive me to mention a really irrelevant mistake I think you made in your post. You write, that today 76 years ago (27.01.1945) the first prisoners arrived. The 27.01.1945 was the date it was liberated… so the mistake is irrelevant, but the date is a victory of humanity over evil
    Kind regards and again thank you

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    1. Actually the original blog was posted on May 20,2016 which was the 76th anniversary of the first prisoners arriving in Auschwitz. But I have changed the text now just to avoid confusion, But thanks for pointing it out.


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