39) Fear, continued

Anna's Meanderings

“Hold my hand, I think I know the way” – Stephen King

Hello there girls and boys, I hope you’re well.

A funeral brings up perhaps the biggest fear we have, that of death. When I was a wee girl, yes, I was afraid of dying. I didn’t have night sweats thinking about it, but I can recall being afraid of churchyards. Then when I was ten I was at a funeral of a neighbour of mum and dad1, and seeing the coffin having the curtain slid around in order for the cremation process to begin made me think, perhaps for the first time, that this had happened to my parents. I cried for them as well as the person who was being cremated.

From then on though, death has had no fear for me. We played in the local graveyard in the summer, hide and seek, picnics amongst the…

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