Chandelier (a poem)


A beautiful distraction.
You illuminate, naturally
everyone looks up to you.
Their eyes drawn to you.
You bring light where there is darkness,
taking away the fear.
One day, I reached for you.
I wanted to be where you are
up above.
I got there and I was in awe.
Time passed
and I hurt.
In your light I am cold:
No care.
No sustenance.
No love.
No reason to stay.
Why would anyone choose this.
Why would anyone choose you.
Granted, to live in your light
is to avoid the dark.
Frozen, suspended in time
afraid to move, to sway
even as the music plays.
Choosing ground, I climb back down.
I will risk unlit pathways
if it means being
nothing like you.
I will never be distracted
by your beckoning light again.
Some of us are meant to live
and that requires a willingness
to stumble in the…

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