The Austrian Adolf Schicklgruber-AKA Adolf Hitler.

History of Sorts

-The question “Would You Go Back to 1889 and kill baby Hitler?” was once posed by The New York Times Magazine. 42 % of the people answered “Yes”. Jeb Bush, younger brother of former US President George W. Bush, answered this question with “Hell yeah, I would, You gotta step up, man”

I do believe many people would agree with that sentiment, and I have to admit I probably would too. However the fact is that time travel maybe possible in theory, practically and realistically it is not.

When it comes to Adolf Hitler there are a few other facts, aside from the most obvious one that he probably was the most evil man who ever lived, there are some lesser known facts.

For starters technically he wasn’t actually called Adolf Hitler, his real name should have been Adolf Schicklgruber.

Hitler’s dad , Alois Hitler Sr. was the illegitimate son…

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  1. Francis Twirly says:

    I would like to say if our President was a Hitler and we were told what to do knowing we could get shot you do it or die, most people do it. Thats the way it was back during Hitlers time we did not have people back then with courage they all got scared real bad, my dad was part of that to live he was with the Russian ,then moved on to Germany he met Hitler many times but was very scared to look at him if u looked at him and he saw something in your look its goodby ,my dad made it to the American Army where he could breath and live. He would never go back for the rest of his life in fear they would kill him my mother felt the same. We come from Austria Hitlers home town . Father was Russian so was mom. Even today the middle east is doing what Hitler was doing controlling people this killing has never stoped even today middles eastern men shit all over women rights wonder what makes them better most can not even kiss they take


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