Nazi Railways

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We have all seen the pictures of the cattle wagons used to transport the Jews and other ‘Undesirables’ to the concentration camps and ghettos. Without a shadow of a doubt the Nazi Railways network played a pivotal role in the ‘Final Solution’ .Ironically(for the lack of a better word) though the same network also potentially contributed to the downfall of the ‘Third Reich’ that and the arrogance of Hitler who had not envisaged or anticipated the number of trains he needed for operation Barbarossa to succeed.Combined with the fact that starting the operation on the 22nd of June was too late to ensure reaching Moscow before winter.

Shortly after the invasion of the Soviet Union the Germans took control of the Minsk Railway Station. All the timetable printers at the station were Jewish, Hitler had them all shot without anyone able to replace them.


The first mass deportation of Jews…

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