Forgotten History-the Battle of the Netherlands

History of Sorts

Now I am not claiming that the battle of the Netherlands was forgotten but there are some facts which are virtually unknown outside of the Netherlands in indeed forgotten by a great number of Dutch citizens.

The German campaign in Western Europe in May and June 1940 is – beyond the borders of the Netherlands – particularly known from the Ardennes break-out and the massive Dunkirk evacuation in France, perhaps also from the tank battles at Hannuit, Arras and Montcornet. That these milestones of the Westfeldzug are so well known in contrast with – for example – the large German airlanding operation in Holland is not surprising. The aforementioned battles played important or even decisive roles in the outcome of the campaign and the quick defeat of the Netherlands did not.

The particulars of the German campaign in the Netherlands were quite poorly covered in the gigantic number of of books written on the topic…

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  1. historiebuff says:

    You are correct. This heroism has not been appreciated.


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