As long as a name is mentioned, no one will be forgotten.

History of Sorts

As long as a name is mentioned, no one will be forgotten. is a quote I saw on the Joods Monument website(Jewish Monument) and it is so true.

Sometimes I find it hard to find the inspiration and right words to remember those millions who were murdered, but just mentioning their names is sometimes enough to ensure no one is forgotten, The picture above is of Levi Klein.Born Amersfoort, 9 July 1885,mirdered Sobibor, 21 May 1943.

Bernhard Stein, born Duisburg, 15 June 1923,murdered Auschwitz, 31 March 1944.

David Drilsma, born Amsterdam, 4 May 1913, murdered Flossenbürg, 6 February 1945.

Eva van Velzen-Coezijn, born Amsterdam, 25 June 1907, murdered Auschwitz, 26 October 1942

These are just 4 of the millions who were murdered because of a warped ideology. Just 4 random names, but now they are named to be remembered.


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