The incredibly sad story of Koenraad Huib Gezang .

History of Sorts

Before I go into the story of Koenraad , I want to mention someone else. The 2 people are connected by the date January 29,1942. Clazina van Leeuwen-Menassen died on this date, she was a Jewish lady but she was spared the horrors of the camps, she died at the ripe old age of 100.

Koenraad was born on January 29,1942.

He was the second child of Florence Gezang-Goudeket and Maurits Gezang . The couple had had another son, Edward . At the time of Koentje’s birth, the family lived in The Hague, the Netherlands.

After a failed attempt to escape to Switzerland in August 1942, the Gezang couple decided to go into hiding separately from each other. Koentje was left in early October with Leo van Dis in Overveen. A Dutch teacher at the Second HBS in Haarlem, he was a member of the Dutch Reformed Church and involved…

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