MacArthur Park

History of Sorts

August 15th was Jimmy Webb’s 76th birthday. Rather then going into Jimmy’s life, I will focus on one of his many songs, ‘MacArthur Park’ .One of my favourite songs.

It doesn’t happen that often the 2 versions of a song are equally as good. The 1st version was by fellow Limerick man(although I am just a blow in) Richard Harris, the 2nd version by Disco Diva Donna Summer.

The song was released in the month I was born ,April 1968.

In an interview with Newsday in October 2014, Jimmy Webb explained:

“Everything in the song was visible. There’s nothing in it that’s fabricated. The old men playing checkers by the trees, the cake that was left out in the rain, all of the things that are talked about in the song are things I actually saw. And so it’s a kind of musical collage of this whole love affair that…

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  1. Phil Strawn says:

    Richard h=Harris, a Shakespearean actor had a voice for stage production. Fresh off of the film “Camalot” where he did some singing, he was the perfect choice for the record. Webb’s best work was with Glenn Campbell, “Wichita Lineman” and others.


    1. dirkdeklein says:

      Yes, Whichita Lineman is a great song too. I picked MacArthur Park because of Richard Harris, he was a Limerick man, like I am currently. He also once said that my wife was beautiful, although she was only a baby at the time. 😂

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