A present for Millie

History of Sorts

Maurice is a British sculptor and a former President of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. He is known for his figurative male sculpture.

He was born in Amsterdam on April 21,1939. much of his art is influenced by his experience of his time in Bergen Belsen concentration camp as a young child. His father and his youngest sister were killed in Bergen Belsen.

In 2019 he was part of a BBC documentary titled “The Last Survivors. Where he spoke about the death of his little sister and how he had made a present for Millie for her 1st birthday. The story broke me heart. He spoke about when Millie died his older sister dropped the body of Millie on the pile of corpses outside of the barracks. Death should never be a part of life for any child.

“I’m not one of these artists dying to get into the…

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