Perfect 10

The perfect 10 who broke the hearts of millions.

10 usually indicates the perfect number. People often say 10 out of 10 meaning you have given it a 100%

Friday October 7,2022 will be a date forever edged in Ireland’s history. 10 people were out minding their own business at a shop and a petrol station. A 5 year old girl buying a birthday cake for her mother, with her dad.

A mother and her 13 year old son just picking up a few groceries. A 14 year old girl, a fellow student from the same school.

A fashion student , a few other people, the oldest was only 59.

10 people, an accident, one explosion, many more lives affected, But those people will forever be the Perfect 10. All we can do is pray.

Victims of the Creeslough explosion, (top row) Catherine O’Donnell, (39) and her son James Monaghan (13), Martin McGill (49) and Jessica Gallagher (24), (middle row) James O’Flaherty (48), Martina Martin (49) and Hugh Kelly (59) and (bottom row) Robert Garwe (50), Shauna Flanagan Garwe (5) and Leona Harper (14).

Just a moment a time which became a ripple in eternity.


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