Did Nightingales sing in Auschwitz?

Blueprint of the expansion of Auschwitz I, dated 30 April 1942, including the huge headquarters of the camp complex marked in red. Due to the fact that the focus of activity was shifted from Auschwitz to Birkenau, this expansion was never carried out.
Yad Vashem Archives.

Did nightingales sing in Auschwitz? Were they allowed to do so?

Did their song bring any joy?

Did nightingales know what was happening? Did they see the suffering?

Did their eyes witness hell?

Did nightingales sing in Auschwitz.

Did wolves howl outside of Auschwitz? Or were they scared too?

Did they feel alone?

Did wolves know that evil men used them as symbols? Did that make them angry?

Did a mouse squeak in Auschwitz? What did he see?

Was he scared of the people with the yellow stars, or the ones with the uniform?

Did a mouse eat in Auschwitz? If so did he know that he was better fed then the people in there?

Did anyone cry for those murdered in Auschwitz? Or did they even care?

Did nightingales in Auschwitz? Or were they afraid?

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