Disaster Tech Lab-Ukraine Deployment 2022

Disaster Tech Lab has been responding to the humanitarian crisis caused by the invasion of Ukriane since March 8th.

Please scan this QR code to make a donation in support of our work.
Our 12 year track record shows that we consistently spend more than 95% of received donations directly on aid.

Our multi-disciplinary teams of volunteers are involved in a number of projects:

Urgent needs assessments for refugees and hospitals.
Securing required aid and safely transporting it to the areas of destination.
Pre-hospital medical care for the affected population.
Evacuation of injured and sick civilians and military personnel to hospitals in Europe and elsewhere in the world.
Providing internet access and communications support to the affected population as well as other responding organisations.
Crisis coordination and incident management

You can keep up-to-date on our activities by following us on social media

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In order to improve the effectiveness and flexibility of our work in Ukraine we’ve decided to build an emergency response trailer.(pictured above)
The trailer will contain a mobile clinic, a communications hub and an incident command & planning center. The vehicle would also need to be largely self-supporting with power generating capacity (fossil fuel, solar and wind generators), water tanks, sleeping accommodation for a small crew and the capacity to extend (using awnings and tents). In addition to this it will contain a communications setup containing a Starlink satellite terminal, pop-up wifi network, VHF/UHF handheld radios. The Incident Command & Planning center will contain laptops, tablets, printer/scanner and a mobile/collapsible meeting room.

In order to fund this we’ve set up an crowdfunding page so head on over there for more details and to make a donation!

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