The Jewish Weekly

This is just a snapshot of the history of the persecution of Jews in the Netherlands during World War II. It is an article which was published in “Het Joodsche Weekblad” The Jewish Weekly that was set up by the Jewish Council.

The article was published on August 7, 1942.

“The German authorities announce:

  1. All Jews who do not immediately respond to a call addressed to them for expansion of labor in Germany are taken without delay to the Mauthausen concentration camp.

    This or any other punishment will not applied to those Jews who, neither afterward, report nor declare that they are willing to participate in the expansion of work before 5 am on Sunday, August 9, 1942, at the latest, or declare that they are prepared to take part in the work allowance.
  2. All Jews who do not wear a Star of David, will be taken to the Mauthusen concentration camp.
  3. All Jews who change their home or place of residence without the permission of the authorities, even if they do so only temporarily, are taken to the Mauthausen concentration camp. “

As I have expressed, this is only a snapshot, but it says so much about the persecution of Dutch Jews. Most of them considered themselves Dutch before Jewish.


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