Epic Rock-Episode 15-Worn Down Piano-The Mark & Clark Band

“Worn Down Piano” is a song by the American band The Mark & Clark Band, from their album Double Take. The song was written in 1977 by twin brothers Clark and Mark Seymour. The record was produced by Ron Dante of Archies fame, and was released as a single.

The song (duration 8:10) is about a piano that is being bid for at an auction. It starts in 6/8 time and changes to 4/4 time at the beginning of the piano solo.

Worn Down Piano was written by brothers Mark and Clark Seymour, who together played piano in a club in the US, where they lived. Alledgedly, one day a man told them that what they played was nice, but they just played other people’s songs and they should write some music themselves.

According to Mark and Clark in a mini documentary made for Dutch TV show Top 2000 A Gogo, Worn Down Piano was the result and people after a few days stood outside, wanting to hear the song due to the reputation it had gotten. A few labels showed interest and CBS, with the highest bid, got the contract. The version of Worn Down Piano that became a top 10 single in the Netherlands and appears on the only album by the Mark & Clark Band was recorded in New York. Fun fact: the single of the song had the song split in two parts, the first half appearing on side A and the second on side B of the 7″.

Despite the song’s success, budget ran out and the label asked the two to audition again. When they couldn’t present more commercial material, the band were released from their label, leaving their album Double Take as their only official release.




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