David Eduard Izaks—First They Stole His Bike, Later They Murdered Him

David Eduard Izaks would have celebrated his 90th birthday today. He was born on 14 April 1933 in Woerden, the Netherlands.

He was the youngest son of Eliazar Izaks and Henriëtte Izaks-Glaser. He had two brothers, Gerson and Salomon Albert, and a sister, Saartje Henriëtte. The family lived at 83 Voorstraat in Woerden.

In 1941, all Jews had to surrender their bicycles. David Eduard surrendered his Geka children’s bicycle. Anyone who knows the Netherlands knows how popular bikes are. For most people in the Netherlands, it is their preferred means of transport. Therefore stealing a bike (because that is basically what the Nazis did) was removing mobility from that person.

David Eduard Izaks and the others in his family were rounded up and sent to Vught Concentration Camp on 22 April 1943. Then on 7 June 1943, he was deported with his mother and sister Saartje Henriëtte on the so-called children’s transport from Vught via Westerbork to Sobibor. They were murdered there on 11 June 1943.

David Eduard Izaks was ten years old when the Nazis murdered him.



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