My Interview with Jim Peterik—Co-Writer of “Eye of the Tiger”

Who doesn’t know “Eye of the Tiger” that iconic song of Rocky 3? Today I had the privilege to talk with one of the co-writers Jim Peterick.

Jim’s home base has always been The Ides Of March, where Jim wrote and sang the evergreen hit “Vehicle”. The Ides began their journey in 1964, and continue today as a vital, touring act; featuring all the original members. In the seventies, Jim combined his love for melody and driving rock with the band Survivor. Their phenomenal rise to the top was borne on the back of the amazing songs Jim co-wrote. “The Eye Of The Tiger” from the film “Rocky III” has become an indelible classic, and garnered Jim Grammy and People’s Choice awards; as well as an Oscar nomination. Other Billboard chart-toppers followed, including “The Search Is Over,” “High On You,” and “I Can’t Hold Back.” Further hits from films followed, “Burning Heart” from “Rocky IV” topped the charts and Jim co-wrote the theme of the seminal animation classic “Heavy Metal” with Sammy Hagar.

A long-lasting and fruitful relationship started in 1980 between Jim and the Southern-rock group, .38 Special. Jim co-wrote their platinum hits “Hold On Loosely,” “Caught Up In You,” “Wild-Eyed Southern Boys,” “Fantasy Girl,” and “Rockin’ Into The Night.” Jim has also written with the beloved Lynyrd Skynyrd, and their collaboration continues to this day.


Dedicated to Patrick Westerink, many hours did we listen to Jim’s music.


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