Savatage—Gutter Ballet, A Forgotten Classic.

History of Sorts

Savatage must be the most underrated Metal band, why, I just don’t understand?

Gutter Ballet is the fifth full-length album produced by the American progressive metal band Savatage. This was the second album created under the direction of producer Paul O’Neill and was initially released in December 1, 1989. But I am only focusing on the title track which is a true classic , but I can’t remember ever hearing it on any radio station.

“Another sleepless night
A concrete paradise
Sirens screaming in the heat
Neon cuts the eye
As the jester sighs
At the world beneath his feet
It¹s a gutter ballet
Just a menagerie
Still the orchestra plays
On a dark and lonely night
To a distant fading light
Balanced on their knives
Little parts of lives
Such a strange reality
Kill the unicorn
Just to have its horn
Soon he¹s just a fantasy
It¹s a gutter…

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