“That Makes Me Corrupt”

There is a lot to talk about since we last spoke. The US Air Force establishingair superiorityover latex balloons. Thespecial counsel’s subpoena of Mike Pence. Thewanton hypocrisy of Ron DeSantiswhen it comes to firearms. The inability of the American people to recognize whenan administration is accomplishing significant thingson its behalf. George Santoscheating the Amishout of puppies. The death of the greatBurt Bacharach. The horrific loss of life inTurkey and Syria. A chill Joe Bidenmaking the GOP look like the clownsthey are. Anexcellent Super Bowl. The ongoing fallout from thebrutal murder of Tyre Nichols.

But this week I’d like to talk about a story that is getting precious little press, perhaps because it’s about a kind of criminality to which we’ve become sadly inured, and perhaps because its protagonist is a…

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