Cover up-Episode 1: Gonna Get Close to You-Queensryche and Dalbello

History of Sorts

Every self respecting Heavy Metal fan will know “Gonna get Close to you” by Queensryche. But how many know it was actually a cover version?

The original was released in 1984 by Lisa Dalbello.

I like to look at shadows sweating on the wall
I get excited when I hear footsteps in the hall
Outside your balcony I have a room with a view
And I’m watching you
I dial your telephone each and every afternoon
I wait by your door till you’re asleep at night
And when you’re alone I know when you
Turn out the light
I’m gonna get close to you
Oh-Oh so close to you
I’m gonna get close to you
I’m gonna get close
You fumble for your keys
I’m six or seven steps behind you
I’m so close to you
Are you terrified of me? What do I know about you
How did I…

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