The Jazz Standard the Nazis could not destroy.

I was reminded of this song while I was watching “the Man in the Castle”. So many musicians were murdered during the Holocaust Musicians like the talented composer Gideon Klein The youngest Jewish composer murdered during the Holocaust, Gideon Klein was only 26 when he was murdered in the Fürstengrube sub-camp near Auschwitz. His oeuvreContinue reading “The Jazz Standard the Nazis could not destroy.”

David Friedmann;painting to survive-My interview with his daughter Miriam.

David Friedmann’s story is not just a story of dealing with the horrors of the Holocaust but also a story of a second chance and hopes despite immense grief and hardships. The artist David Friedmann was born in Mährisch Ostrau, Austria (now Ostrava, Czech Republic), but moved to Berlin in 1911. In 1944, Friedman wasContinue reading “David Friedmann;painting to survive-My interview with his daughter Miriam.”

Hans Retzlaff-killed because he was gay.

The case of Hans Retzlaff is particularly sad, not only because he was killed in the concentration camp Sachsenhausen but also because he was disowned by his own Father. Hans had already been in court in 1927 in relation to homosexual activities, which was a criminal offence in Germany at the time, according to paragraphContinue reading “Hans Retzlaff-killed because he was gay.”

Dora Gerson-Body lost or destroyed.

Dora Gerstein was a Jewish actress and singer  born  on 23 March 1899  in Berlin. She was murdered on February 14,1943 in Auschwitz. On one of the sites I used to do the research on Dora I noticed the line ‘Body lost or destroyed’. Not only her body was destroyed but also her talent andContinue reading “Dora Gerson-Body lost or destroyed.”

Stella Goldschlag- Jewish collaborator.

It is easy for me to be judgmental about Stella Goldschlag, but the fact is I don’t know what I would have done. However Stella did go beyond anything I would have done. Stella was boen in Berlin on July 10,1922 as the only child to a middle class Jewish family. Although the family didContinue reading “Stella Goldschlag- Jewish collaborator.”

Tiergartenstraße 4

Tiergartenstraße 4, may look like an ordinary German address. But is an address which is synonymous to unspeakable evil. It was the address of a villa in  the Tiergarten or Zoo district in central Berlin. But more then that it was the headquarters of the Nazi “euthanasia” program ,the mass murder of disabled people andContinue reading “Tiergartenstraße 4”

Otto and Elise Hampel-Ordinary citizens.

Some people think that all Germans subscribed to the Nazi regime’s policies and that there was no resistance. But that is not the case, there were many who did resist the Nazi’s warped ideology. And they often paid dearly for it. Otto and Elise Hampel were 2 ordinary people. Otto Hampel  was born 21 JuneContinue reading “Otto and Elise Hampel-Ordinary citizens.”

Helene Mayer-Caught between a Rock and a hard place.

The Olympic Games are the biggest sporting events in the world. But more then a sporting event is is also a political event filled with propaganda. This was never more clear then in 1936 during the Berlin Olympic Games. On July 26,1935,German sports commissioner Hans von Tschammer und Osten advised that no Jews would representContinue reading “Helene Mayer-Caught between a Rock and a hard place.”

Heinz Sommerfeld-Transport Ek no. 1458 (28. 09. 1944, Terezín -> Auschwitz)

Around this time of year many 17 year old kids are getting ready for school exams. And although they may think it is unfair that they have to sit for hours and hours, to do their exams(I know I thought it was unfair). They don’t actually realize how lucky they are. Education, even though itContinue reading “Heinz Sommerfeld-Transport Ek no. 1458 (28. 09. 1944, Terezín -> Auschwitz)”

Alfred-Ingemar Berndt-Writer,Journalist and cold blooded killer.

If someone told you that you could kill an innocent man and there would be no repercussions or any form of punishment, would you do it? Any normal person would answer “no” of course.But not Alfred-Ingemar Berndt, he decided to kill a man simply for the reason that he could. Berndt was a German journalist,Continue reading “Alfred-Ingemar Berndt-Writer,Journalist and cold blooded killer.”